Chairmans Report 2015

It has been another successful year, with lots of new fundraising as well as the usual events.  My thanks go to all involved in the running of the charity – and all those who helped promote the fundraising events.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation staff have asked me to pass on their sincere thanks for all of you for your continued support.  They appreciate the hard work and time that goes into raising money.

This year we were able to support staff through various training, conferences and courses, which are essential to the service.  Without the help of Calon+ the would have been impossible.

We have also helped maintain the equipment in the gym and replace a variety of other pieces of equipment without which patients would not be able to exercise safely.

We have had great support from Cor Cariad and we will be sending a letter of thanks in due course.

We are also still being supported by the Heart Failure Nurses, Helen Llewellyn-Griffiths and Rhoswen Davies who continue to collect donations on our behalf.

Special thanks to Heulwyn for her support with all the banking.  It is a very time consuming job.  We really do appreciate it.

Thank go to David Sandbrook for the support with the Charity Commission side of things.

We started the new year with another 100 club, which is going very well – twice as many participants as last year!.  Thanks again go to Kathy & David for helping introduce this.

We are always looking for new ideas and new supporters – so please keep your eyes and ears open.  We have added a few new members to the circulation list and we are hoping for them to join us at the meetings soon.

We have spent a little bit of money this year updating the identity and promoting of Calon+ with new flags, balloons, t-shirts and sashes to help promote the charity and we are all looking forward to a the new website,

I have enjoyed being chairman again this year, and I wish to thank everyone for their support.




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